Through The Struggle

In society today people around the globe struggle to get by, whether it’d be struggling to keep food in their house or area of living or just trying to pay the bills for the month… makes us question whether we were meant to make it in life. Not to reign on the rich people’s parade but they don’t realize how good they have it and often take their wealth or fortune for granted, truth is there are far more people who need that blessing bestowed upon them rather than the rich people in high cities. But it takes a greater person to stop and realize just how lucky and blessed with what they’ve been given such as life, oxygen to breathe…..most people don’t even get that far. To be honest I wouldn’t wish for anything more than what I already got, I don’t need to be famous or rich to be happy, Yes I am struggling but I know I’ll get through it….somehow I always do.

Lack Of Respect For Boundaries

In society today many individuals, mostly of the male population have put chivalry to rest and along with it the proper respect for the person they are indeed encountering. Of course it would be categorized as hearsay but the gesture of respect has been dead for century’s due to mankind. Women today have been treated as pieces of meat rather than respectable ladies, It is because of the lack of respect that women don’t appreciate themselves enough to protect themselves from wild, ill reputed, savaged men. Boundaries are as important today as they were back then, only back then chivalry and respect was high priority, today nobody seems to comprehend the meaning of respect when it comes to women. So my advice to you men out there is that the next time you encounter a female don’t treat her like some harlot, we females deserve far much better respect than that. Be wise and respectful and for goodness sake don’t be pushy if a female doesn’t feel comfortable being so open that is her right. We all have boundaries and would appreciate it if others respected them instead making us feel uncomfortable because they can’t behave themselves and act like civilized human beings.


We all know that old saying “patience is a virtue” but do we really use our patience as often as we should? the answer no we do not. Having patience is neither a chore or gift it is a necessity that all human beings require. I imagine that God is more patient with us than we are with one another. So whenever you feel like people are testing your patience try to use some sort of subconscious escape route so that you can hold onto your patience better. Yes we all have days where our morals override our ability to have patience but that doesn’t make it right by any means. So my advice to all of you is find time within your daily lives to use your patience with others, even if you don’t want to.


In many ways, in some form of reality everyone has a bully in their lives. Adults, Teenagers, Children of all ages, men and women. In these times when someone becomes targeted or harassed or just even a reason to blame somebody for conflict they were never really a part of, people tend to lash out and become the bully instead of the bullied. People often take their problems on another individual just to simply get rid of their anger but what people in society today don’t realize is that on some level we create the bully with our actions and decisions. Nobody becomes evil or bad they are simply made out to be that way and we send the individual down a dark path. People don’t stop and take the time to be understanding and open minded, If we take the time to really get to know a person rather than misjudge them then maybe this world would have a lot less conflict within society. For we are the salvation or the reason of destruction. Either way we make the choice to be judgmental and disrespectful or lenient and patient, understanding and kind. It is simply up to us to heal the notion of judgement and bullying or give it more fuel to the fire building within.


In some cases marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure it starts out magical but it only stays that way if you work really hard on what’s right in front of you instead of being unreasonable and doing your part to keep both you and your spouse happy and your relationship healthy. It’s a romantic notion at best but marriage is a lot of work and needs both time and patience to work out in the end. For those who indeed are married, if by any chance you do have issues don’t give up that both you and your marriage can be saved, seek professional help and try compromising with each other and take time to listen to each other. No not all marriages are meant to be but it is my belief that things happen for a reason and with just the amount of patients and confidence and just a little bit of faith things always turn out right in the end.